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Singing with Strangers: A Make Your Own Music Show with the MCA

  • Museum of Contemporary Art Denver 1485 Delgany Street Denver, CO, 80202 United States (map)

Have you ever shared a spontaneous moment with a stranger and walked away feeling warm and fuzzy inside? Like you were more connected? That’s what Singing with Strangers: A Make Your Own Music Event is about, but like, times 50. Featuring dynamic hip-hop duo The Reminders, signing, dancing, art and all other sorts of participatory weirdness with 450 complete strangers.

Sign up for workshops led by amazing local artists that will help make the concert later in the day even cooler or just attend the concert in the evening for some group catharsis.

Get hyped:


Workshop | Dinner | Concert - $50 Nonmembers / $40 Members & Students / $14 Teens

Concert - $25 Nonmembers / $20 Members & Students / $7 Teens

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2-4PM: Workshops led by local artists

5-7PM: Communal dinner for workshop participants

7PM: Doors for concert

8-10PM: Concert headlined by The Reminders and featuring Stephen Brackett

Ladies Fancywork Society

LFS is a craft-loving artist collective committing garish yarn crimes since 2007. Work with LFS and their oversized doily stencils to create art and decorate the venue and stage. Help set the vibe for this make your own music show!

Andi Todaro

In artist Andi Todaro's workshop, attendees will create a "Beauty Pageant runway" for the Singing with Strangers concert. Attendees will make runway-style arbitrary sashes and awards to present to people arriving for the concert portion of the evening (think: "Most Likely to Succeed" or "Wearing Lots of Color", "Gives Incredible Eye contact", or "Should Have Been Named Nancy") and then take polaroids of them they can keep as a memento.

Lewis Neeff

What does it look like when music unfolds into color? Naturally, it is beautiful. Join artist Lewis Neeff in creating a sculptural wave of color using a variety of fabrics that connects all of our bodies in a moment and acts as a physical bridge to visualize this entanglement of sensory perceptions.

Stephen Brackett

Stephen Brackett's workshop is for wannabe rabble-rousers and architects of tomfoolery. In his words, "A crowd is an opportunity to transfer chaos into visibility. A time to make connection from isolation." Attendees of this workshop will be exploring and implementing a variety of techniques that will invite the crowd to create their own celebration. There is an art to keeping the party going, and in times like these, it can be revolutionary. Every minute of the hour is an opportunity to create a playground.

Matt Barton

Workshoppers will work with artist Matt Barton to create large-scale drawings that can be animated and then used for the Singing with Strangers performance. Using everyday materials like paper, paint, makers, nuts, and bolts, this workshop will inform a part of the Singing with Strangers audience participation later in the evening. 

Laura Shill

In this workshop, participants will create simple costumes and/or accessories for themselves and other event attendees by draping, stretching, cutting and/or sewing gold spandex into performance wear. Participants will work with unprofessional dancer Laura Shill to develop subtle dance moves through purposeful knee bending and rhythmic wrist motions to create basic choreography to spice up everyday experiences like staring at screens, waiting in lines, or Singing with Strangers.