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Duet Series featuring Soulskin Dance and Miriam Barbosa

  • The Dairy Arts Center 2590 Walnut Street Boulder, CO (map)

The evening will consist of three distinct works. Adrianna Thompson, SOULSKIN DANCE Artistic Director and Choreographer will premiere Parallel Dialogues. Miriam Barbosa, Artistic Director and Choreographer of Miriam Barbosa Dance will premiere Simultaneity and Enter the Luminous.

Duet Series is the expression of two choreographers bringing interaction onto the stage through contemporary dance, arts, music and multi-media. Adrianna Thompson, Artistic Director of SOULSKIN DANCE based in SF premieres Parallel Dialogues, a piece about fighting for human contact and healing through relationship connections within our society. This work has been developed in collaboration with Choreographer Dylan Elmore and Filmmaker Jaco Strydom to original music by Noh. Miriam Barbosa, NYC based Choreographer presents Enter The Luminous and Simultaneity, a poetic moving meditation reflected in Marika Popovits' paintings and James O"Dea's poetry capturing the audience's heart through their eyes transporting them into a state of light and peaceful consciousness; to music by John Stone and Peter Graef and multi-media design by Marcela Bragagnolo.

Parallel Dialogues is about connection with others and ultimately with humanity and our world. Through relationships we build empathy, trust and compassion. Those traits are found only through close human contact. In a time where that contact is being more and more channeled into technology, it is no wonder our society is developing into a more polarized one. Time is one of the most significant components of relationship. As our mortality becomes a not so distant reality the quest to find fulfillment and comfort can turn into a kind of desperation. This sense of desperation is currently mirrored in our civilization as it reaches a critical point in time as well. The future of our planet and its inhabitants is in question as we face the consequences of climate change, over population, greed and the quest for global dominance. Parallel Dialogues is about The healing power of intimacy. It is about realizing that we are fundamentally and irrevocably connected.

Ms. Barbosa is premiering Simultaneity, inspired by the series of paintings of the same name by Marika Popovits and its respective poetry by James O'Dea, performed by Miriam Barbosa and Jennifer DePalo Peterson, former Martha Graham Dance Co Principal Dancer, currently a resident of CO and a dancer with 3rd Law Dance Theater. This work is about a reflection of the portals to past and future happening simultaneously, through the bodies of two dancers breaking through the barriers of space and time as one in the present.“This face is bearer of an incorruptible certainty that woman is man and man woman. That human is soul enacting the complex geometry of being everyone everywhere... Step into this mirror: Here regrets spins you backward, hope spins you forward. Here the golden key of Now opens every fold and crease of time...” by James O’Dea Enter the Luminous is an artistic collaboration blending painting, poetry, music and dance. When painter Maria Popovits’ collaborated with poet James O’Dea the result was a best-selling art book titled “Enter the Luminous”. It is from this marriage of poetry and painting in which Ms. Barbosa drew her inspiration for this evening’s work premiere. Ms. Barbosa considers it a poetic meditation reflected visually in Marika’s paintings and brought to life through multi- dimensional dance capturing the audience’s heart through their eyes. The choreography by Miriam Barbosa, in collaboration with former Taylor dancer Francisco Graciano and music by John Stone, is designed to transport the audience away from the war and devastation of the world we live in and into a state of light and peaceful consciousness.