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CBD Pop-Up Dinner with Feast Dinner Party

  • Archipelago Club 2345 7th Street Denver, CO (map)

cbd-inspired dinner party

Yes, you heard it right. We are hosting a pop-up dinner on 4/20 to give our beloved community a chance to celebrate this Coloradan holiday with class: CBD-style. Located inside the incredibly cool and eclectic attic space of Archipelago Clubs, this dinner will not be one to miss. With local CBD by SUPERGOOD, you can fully expect high quality ingredients paired with a high quality time.

Live music, explanation of incorporating CBD into your daily routine by Ashlae, of SUPERGOOD, one long communal table, CBD cocktails (or mocktails) , CBD-infused food, full-course meal prepared by our chef, paired wine, espresso, and our signature Feast tablescape styled to perfection. This is just a sweet glimpse at what the night holds, and we promise, you do not want to miss out.


Our theme for the night - NEUTRAL SPRING VIBES - we are going for neutrals on neutrals, accented by simple and warm spring colors. The idea is to softly awaken our hearts and minds for the coming season of Spring by creating an atmosphere and style that prepares us to do so. The photo in our flyer represents the style and feeling our dinner party will have. Expect shades off cream, white, off-white, light browns, ambers, with accents of greens, indigo and pale pink incorporated into the design. We encourage guests to incorporate this style into their outfits to further tie into the design, but in no way is this mandatory.

Be sure to add your address at checkout to receive our handmade invitations in the mail - a little introduction for what the night will be like, and a pretty sweet keepsake if we do say so ourselves! ;)


Because together is better! Each of our tables seat 6 guests, so if you would like to gather some friends and purchase a table, we do offer group discounted tickets. Add the code “MYTABLE” when purchasing 6 or more tickets, and receive $22.50 off each ticket, $135 off the total price. *must be purchasing at least six tickets to qualify for discount

wait, am i going to get high? is this an edible dinner?

NO! This will not get you high and, no, we will not be serving “edibles“

WHAT IS CBD? From SUPERGOOD, CBD (short for cannabidiol) is one of the main compounds found in the cannabis plant, which includes both marijuana and hemp. Unlike THC, CBD will not cause intoxication or get you high, but it does have a long list of exciting health benefits we can take advantage of.

WHAT IS IT TYPICALLY USED FOR? Anxiety, pain, chronic inflammation (and conditions related to it like IBS and arthritis), headaches, gut issues, and as an antioxidant ingredient in skin care are just a few of the many reasons why people are taking CBD.


Have any more questions? Shoot us an email and we will try to answer anything you throw at us!




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